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김판석(연세대)교수 영문도서 발간 - Civil Service System and Civil Service Reform in ASEAN Member Countries and Korea
2010-12-06 10:35

책제목(영문): Civil Service System and Civil Service Reform in ASEAN Member Countries and Korea (영문편저)
출판사: 대영문화사 (www.dymbook.co.kr)
ISBN: 978-89-7644-351-9

This book is a new collection of manuscripts on civil service prepared by leading experts in the ASEAN member countries. The term civil service generally refers to governmental service in which individuals are employed on the basis of professional merit and political neutrality as proven by competitive civil service entrance examinations. The term explicitly excludes the armed services and the scope of civil servants varies from country to country. Over the years, after a wide range of public sector reform around the world, significant civil service reform took place in ASEAN member countries with substantial variations among each country. Since civil service is every country’s basic foundation of governmental operation, its innovation is not optional in order to cope with new challenges in the public sector. Almost every country is initiating some sort of reform measures around the world. Such reform efforts could affect each country’s public management and overall performance of the government. Accordingly, this book reviews civil service systems and civil service reforms in ASEAN member countries.


Chapter 1 Introduction 11
Chapter 2 Civil Service and Public Private PartnershipReforms in Brunei: Progress and Challenges 23
Chapter 3 Cambodian Civil Service: Transforming froman “Administrator" into a “Service Provider" 56
Chapter 4 A Review of Civil Service System andCivil Service Reform in Indonesia 89
Chapter 5 Civil Service Reform in Lao People’s DemocraticRepublic: Improving Service Delivery 126
Chapter 6 Civil Service System and Civil ServiceReform in Malaysia 152
Chapter 7 Civil Service System and Civil ServiceReform in Myanmar 185
Chapter 8 Civil Service Reforms in the Philippines:Its Many Faces, Leadership and Politics 210
Chapter 9 Civil Service Reform in Thailand:A Perspective in Transition 253
Chapter 10 Civil Service System and Reform Singapore 286
Chapter 11 Reforming the Civil Service In Viet Nam:Differentiation, Merit, Incentives andChallenges 319
Chapter 12 Korean Civil Service System and CivilSevice Reform 357
Index 394
List of Contributors 410